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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ sign up for free to get daily deals in your town. ladies and gentlemen -- >> steven spielberg.
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>> in a moment, one of these ten movies will join a list that includes "on the waterfront," "midnight cowboy," "the godfather" and "the deer hunter." the other nine will join a list that includes "the grapes of wrath," "citizen kane," "the graduate" and "raging bull." either way, congratulations you're all in very good company. here, now, are your ten best pictures of the year. >> in this grave hour, perhaps the most fate fful in our histo, we are at war.
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over and over again, we have tried to find a peaceful way out of the differences between ourselves and those who are now our enemies. but it has been in vain. we have been forced into a conflict. for the sake of all that we ourselves hold dear, it is unthinkable that we should re z refuse to meet the challenge. it is for this purpose that i
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now call my people at home who will make our cause their own. i ask them to stand calm and firm and united in this time of trial. the task will be hard. there may be dark days ahead. and war can no longer be confined to the battlefield. but we can only do the right as we see the right. and reverently commit our cause to god. if one and all we keep
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resolutely faith fful to it, th with god's help we shall prevail. >> and the nominees for best motion picture are -- "black swan." "the fighter." "inception." "the kids are all right." "the king's speech." "127 hours." "the social network." "toy story 3." "true grit." "winter's bone." and the oscar goes to --
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"the king's speech." >> announcer: "the king's speech" has 12 academy award nominati nominations this year with four wins. >> wow. what an incredible honor. what an amazing year for film. to be with those other films in that category is just absolutely incredible. tom hooper, you put so much passion and love into every frame of this film -- oh, sorry.
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thank you, directing the film. to our acting royalty, colin, geoffrey, helena, thank you so much for saying yes. to our amazing best of british crew, so amazing to share the stage with you tonight. and to my parents and to my boyfriend ben, you help me every day do what i do. thank you. >> to have been part of a -- to have been part of a film that's touched and moved people so much around the world has been just a huge privilege and we're indebted to everyone standing behind us and, you know, our financeers took a huge risk for us. to our distribution partners, harvey and bob, your passion and commitment to this film, the uk film council, film nation, thank you to all. and personally, to my wife
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carolyn and my parents, my little boys, thank you so much. thank you. >> i'll be really quick. sorry, just a massive thank you to the uk film council for supporting this film. and david seidler for trusting us with his heartfelt sorry. rosie, i love you. but mostly, thank you academy, this is a boyhood ambition come true tonight. >> and so "the king's speech" has just become part of oscar history. anne and i have had an amazing time tonight helping celebrate so many extraordinary films and filmmakers. wherever in the world you happen to be watching, we hope that you have too. >> and as oscar turns 83, we're
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reminded again how each generation rediscovers the magic of movies for themselves. whether you're the 5th grade chorus from ps 22 in staten island, new york, or an oscar winner tonight, our final song reminds us that dreams really do come true. ♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow way up high there's a land that i heard of ♪ ♪ one in a lullaby somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams ♪ ♪ that you dare to dream
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really do come true someday i'll wish upon a star ♪ ♪ and wake up where the clouds are far behind me where troubles melt ♪ ♪ like lemon drops away above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me somewhere over the rainbow ♪ ♪ bluebirds fly birds fly over the rainbow why then, oh why can't i if happy little ♪ ♪ bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why, oh why can't i ♪
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>> good night! thank you! >> announcer: hotel accommodations provided by renaissance hotels. with over 145 hotels worldwide, we welcome all guests who want to travel like a local. air transportation provided by united airlines. united airlines is proud to play the part of the official airline sponsor of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. video projection provided in part by senovva.
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later tonight on "jimmy kimmel live after the academy awards," jimmy's special guest is tom hanks. plus some of hollywood's hottest women, eva longoria, jessica alba, kelly ripa, sofia vergara and scarlett johansson, and music from cee-lo green! it's all tonight after your late local news on abc.
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. you're watching abct, baltimore. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> but for a tornado many of
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us have never been through weather like on friday. >> spent the weekend sawing, breaking picking up and it look like more weather will pick up where it left off on friday. >> the words from lynette. >> looks like we could see severe weather into tomorrow. we have that possibility. if we don't see it we will still be wipedy, the winds -- and the west and gusting up to about 30 miles an hour. if we do get under one of those thunderstorms it turns severe we could see the winds up to about 60. we will look at that. we are looking at the radar and we can see that we are pretty much dry as of now but we can see the rain now from the west. western maryland getting hammered. you can see heavier rain into the yellows and oranges, embedded thunderstorms in to tomorrow especially. this rain will start to move in as we go through the overnight and you will get it in the morning and as you get your drive home. this is the bigger picture. you request see it again
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heading up into western pennsylvania and we have a few showers just to the south of the area as well. as we look at the temperatures right now look how mild we are. this is courtesy of a warm front as we go through the evening. inner harbor at 49 degrees, hagerstown at 59, through the overnight the temperature around 47, breezy, starting to kick up the winds, we will see the showers and this is what the forecast looks like as we go hour by hour. very warm, mild in the morning and then close to 70 by 4:00. we have that possibility for severe weather. i will talk more about that coming up. >> all right. your alarm will be buzzing in a few hours. when you leave you may have wisconsin on your mind. that's because baltimore has long been a uniontown. concerns over the ripple effect. >> reporter: progressive
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maryland organized a rally. a right to right bill is being debated this week. >> maryland, we are one. >> reporter: maryland joins states across the country hoping their loud chants heard in wisconsin where the state assembly passed a bill to cut the power of state union workers. >> we are all here to build a stronger america. we are here to stop them from gambling with their pensions. >> reporter: the wisconsin governor said freeing governments from having to bargin with unions would give them the ability to close the $3.6 billion budget deficit. demonstrators refused to leave the capitol building. union supporters in maryland said the weight shouldn't fall onto backs of members. the traditional working middle class in america. >> the unions built -- our economic freedom. they gave us the weekend, the eight hour day. >> reporter: the nonprofit organization progressive
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maryland fears a similar battle brewing in annapolis. >> this week there will be hearings on so-called right to work bills which is undermining the ability for unions to organize and workplaces. >> reporter: friendship wears a cheese head to show he is from wisconsin. he isn't in favor of the current politics killing collective baring he says take its the life out of organized labor. >> it's a way for people to get together and have a conversation with management that gives them a fair shake. >> reporter: a message they hope resonates right here and a thousand miles away. >> the right to work bill is scheduled for a hearing in the senate on thursday at one. you haven't heard the end. another rally for labor rights is planned for next month. cheryl connor. >> the governor wasn't there in annapolis. wasn't even on the red carpet. tonight the president and first
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lady hosted a formal dinner fors governors. omalley blasted the governor of new jersey for his confrontational style and then fired back saying i'm happy to give you the opportunity to get your name in the new york times. that's all this is about helping your national profile. >> tomorrow its decision day. the lines have been drawn and you will find tomorrow where your child will go to school next year. the county wants to balance enrollment around 32 elementary schools. you can show up and voice your opinion and the board will make any amendments and it's time to vote. the new map will go into effect the start of the next year. >> annapolis could shut down for this rally tomorrow. the education coalition said 4,000 people have signed up for a seat on the bus. they will protest proposed cuts to education.
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it's really going to affect baltimore. it'll start tomorrow night at 6:30. >> the families of shaun gamble rallied for justice this weekend. its been seven weeks since he and an officer were killed in january outside a lounge. he was working drug detail when he heard the call for back up and responded. police say as he was trying to break up a fight the officer fired his weapon and that is when the officers let out 41 rounds killing him and a 22- year-old. >> my grandson will grow up without his father, it's nutrition, it's not fair and if it was them or -- one of their loved ones they would want results like we do. >> hours before they rallied the mayor's office sent out a press release saying there is a review board of national law enforcement experts who will review the incident and recommend changes. >> did you get towed this weekend? if you did did you think about
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the kick back scheme in the city? it's so bad now that the mayor is calling for a review of the towing process and the commissioners. 31 -- that's the number of officers now suspended for their connection in this alleged scheme and that total grew from 17 first taken off the job in the middle of an investigation in what's being called on illegal towing scheme. >> if you were traveling by air february 22nd, travelers and works may have been exposed to measles by a woman heading to new mexico. the 27-year-old arrived at dullus on a london flight on february 20th. two days later she left on an evening flight to denver and flew to new mexico. officials trying to reach people who sat close to her on the flights. >> soaring oil pricing impacting air travel.
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>> finding a vacation deal won't be easy this spring. john has some secrets for cutting the costs so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: hoping to get away for a spring break trip for planning your summer vacation? if so be prepared for higher air fares and hotel prices this year. there are some ways to cut the costs. tricia is planning to go cancun. >> americans will be filling planes and hotels in 2011. last year's great air fares are mostly gone. >> the on the main website they were like 880. >> reporter: to mexico. >> yes. to mexico. you can go to europe for that. >> reporter: aaa says don't wait to book a popular place
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like disney world. same for popular cruise ships. >> the brand new ships, those are very popular right now. >> reporter: how to grab the best deal? start with things like travel, it lists discount air fares and cruises and has a top 20 list of the hottest deals. for air farefare and check which lists the lowest price period on any route you want to fly. as for when to book and travel nicole said the rumor is true, tuesday is the least crowded day to travel and it's often when fares are lowest. >> tuesdays and wednesdays normally will give you better rates. >> reporter: the websitallest suggests planning your trip backward, start by finding a low priced air fare wherever it may be and then find a hotel. one final caution, don't expect hotels and resorts to offer as
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many last minute deals as they did the past three years during the peak of the recession. they are no longer as desperate. lue have to work a bit harder to grab a good deal. >> can you see yourself cruising in a rolls royce? we will fill you in on how to park one for cheap in your driveway. >> take that to the red carpet. we have the wrap up of the night that you just watched plus an actress who spent a little time here may have said a little to much for your ears. >> it was a beautiful day. sun out there and check out the high. 61 degrees after saturdaying out at 32. i'm not talking act snow but i have rain and it'll be a little bumpy starting tomorrow. bring it. if we're known for one thing...
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. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. check out the temperature right now. 48 degrees, that is not cold at all. we do have a warm front that's going to push through the area as we go through tonight and what that will do is start off something that we can see as severe weather as we go into time. i will show you that. check out the humidity, 51%, the winds out of the east southeast, at eight and the pressure at 29.9 7 and rising. we have the clouds and the rain knocking on the doorsteps. annapolis we saw plenty of sun as we went throughout the day and had that temperature around 61 degrees into baltimore. i hope you got out and you enjoyed today because i hope you took advantage. temperature wise, tomorrow we
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are going to look good. we will see the temperatures in the upper 60s close to 70s. in hagerstown. the warmest spots in to winchester and more into culpepper. right now the winds not to bad, call it a little breezy right now. the winds sustained at eight into baltimore and into york and oakland 14-mile an hour sustained. we will get more gusty into tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow i was just talking about the temperatures coming in the upper 60's, close to 70 in fern dale, looking at rockville at that temperature at 66 degrees, we do have the chance for thunderstorms in the forecast as well. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot but the rain trying to quiet in and it'll do so in to the overnight hours. if you are going to be out and about maybe you have that overnight shift take the rain gear because you will need it and then tomorrow morning take it with you because your drive home will be on the wet side. here is the weather pattern
12:02 am
that will cause a bumpy ride for us. we have that warm front moving through. we are in the warm sector and then we have the cold front that will move in. we have the cold air behind that. you get the clashing of the air masses and you will see thunderstorms, some of them could ba veer. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk for damaging winds, that's going be the biggest threat with that and you know we can't rule out maybe isolated tornadoes, tomorrow could be on the rough side. we will keep you updated to keep you safe. as we look at what's going on on the future cast, things not looking bad. especially as we head into tuesday. tuesday will clear out and be a beautiful day, plenty of sun but behind the cold front we will bring in colder air. we will be a little chillier especially after coming off that 68 degrees. as we look at what will happen through wednesday. more of the same. we will continue the trend into thursday but overnight the temperature around 47 degrees,
12:03 am
breezy, the showers overnight and then by tomorrow that temperature right around 68 degrees, showers, storms, wind, we do have the severe weather possible. make sure you keep it tuned. tomorrow night the temperature around 35 degrees and we will have more showers possible and we could deal with the windy conditions. you know i do have better news on the seven day forecast, especially into tuesday because tuesday we will see more sun. its going to be colder but then you can see us going up and down. we have a dry front coming in wednesday and then temperature around 46, if we can get through tomorrow things will be smoother. >> good deal. >> no snow. >> no snow. >> thank you. thank you. guess what? it's good morning maryland. we are three minutes after midnight. here we are. welcome. have you ever been taken, tricked, ripped off or scammed and happy scam anniversary because we are celebrating putting bad guys out of business. >> we have been working for you for the last two years to make that happen with our weekly scam alert segment. we take a look back at a year's
12:04 am
worth of warnings as we get ready to celebrate our second anniversary. >> reporter: after two years of covering scams it's easy to see artists will go to great lengths to get your life, information and your money. that's why every week we give you a head heads up about their latest tricks. in this last year we can say they have been very creative. >> it's shocking. it's happening more and more often. >> it's the first time we have ever seen them be that brazen. >> it's a huge scam. >> reporter: their tactics elicit emotional reactions. we have seen them go to new loans, from fake babies for adoption to posing as the center of the catholic church. are you running a cam? >> reporter: they will play the role of god and even the government if it means getting a shot at your money. we even saw them calling local seniors telling them they didn't


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